Vincent Lévesque


SurfaceReach: Assistive Guidance by Electrovibration on a Large Table

Laura Rajkowski, Balkiss Friaa, Vincent Lévesque

Work-in-Progress, Proc. IEEE Haptics Symposium 2020, March 28-31, 2020, Washington, DC. (Cancelled due to COVID-19 pandemic.)

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We present SurfaceReach, an application of sur- face haptics by electrovibration designed to safely guide a per- son with visual impairments to a target object by displaying a tactile path on a table. We describe the creative process that led to the elaboration of this concept, which included brainstorms and interviews with 9 persons with visual impairments. We also describe the implementation of a prototype of the concept using a large custom-made electrovibrating surface and our initial experimentation with variations of tactile path renderings.