Vincent Lévesque


Display of Virtual Braille Dots by Lateral Skin Deformation: A Pilot Study

Jerome Pasquero, Vincent Lévesque, Vincent Hayward, Maryse Legault

Proc. Eurohaptics 2004, Munich, Germany, June 2004.

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When a progressive wave of localized deformations occurs tangentially on the fingerpad skin, one typically experiences the illusion of a small object sliding on it. This effect was investigated because of its potential application to the display of Braille. A device was constructed that could produce such deformation patterns along a line. This enabled us to test blind subjects' ability to read the truncated Braille characters 'lowered lowered', 'lowered raised', 'raised lowered', and 'raised raised'. While subjects could identify two-character strings with a high rate of success, several factors need to be addressed before a display based on this principle can become practical.