Vincent Lévesque

Granted Patent

Method and Apparatus of Body-Mediated Digital Content Transfer and Haptic Feedback

Vincent Lévesque, Ali Modarres, Amaya Weddle, David Birnbaum, Juan Manuel Cruz-Hernandez, Henry Da Costa

US Patent 9,671,826, filed December 13, 2013, issued June 6, 2017.

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The disclosure relates to systems and methods of transferring/storing digital content, and/or providing haptic feedback via wearable devices directly or indirectly responsive to an event such as a communication, an event occurring in an electronic environment and/or physical environment, the transfer of digital content, and/or other events. Wearable devices may be worn at various locations on a body of the user. Each location may be associated with a wearable device. Different haptic feedback may be provided at different locations based on the event such that the events may be distinguished or otherwise identified based on the location at which haptic feedback is provided. The locations may be stored in a configuration of wearable devices that act as a mapping of the wearable devices. The locations and/or haptic feedback itself may be varied based on the context and/or properties such as size of digital content or status of the transfer.