Vincent Lévesque

Granted Patent

System and Method For Feedforward and Feedback With Haptic Effects

Vincent Lévesque, Juan Manuel Cruz-Hernandez

US Patent 9,836,150, filed March 14, 2013, issued December 5, 2017.

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Systems and methods for feedforward and feedback with haptic effects are disclosed. One such system may include a sensor configured to detect an interaction with a touch surface and transmit a sensor signal associated with the interaction; a processor in communication with the sensor, the processor configured to: determine an operation available on a device, the operation associated with a first user interaction; determine a simulated texture associated with the operation; output a haptic signal associated with the simulated texture; determine whether to perform the operation based on a second user interaction; and a haptic output device in communication with the processor and coupled to the touch surface, the haptic output device configured to receive a haptic signal and simulate a texture on the touch surface based in part on the haptic signal.