Vincent Lévesque

Granted Patent

Systems and Methods For Determining Haptic Effects For Multi-Touch Input

Vincent Lévesque, Juan Manuel Cruz-Hernandez

US Patent 9,710,063, filed July 21, 2014, issued July 18, 2017.

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A system of the present disclosure may include a haptic output device configured to output a haptic effect to a touch surface; a touch sensitive input device configured to detect a first user interaction and transmit a first sensor signal, the touch sensitive input device further configured to detect a second user interaction and transmit a second sensor signal, wherein at least part of the first user interaction occurs at the same time as the second user interaction; a processor in communication with the sensor, the processor configured to: receive the first sensor signal and the second sensor signal; determine a haptic effect based in part on the first user interaction and the second user interaction; transmit a haptic signal associated with the haptic effect to the haptic output device.