Vincent Lévesque

Granted Patent

Systems and Methods for Providing Haptic Notifications

Vincent Lévesque, David Birnbaum, Amaya Weddle, Robert Lacroix, Juan Manuel Cruz-Hernandez, Danny Grant, Neil Olien, Erin Ramsay, Ali Modarres

US Patent 9,529,435, filed December 30, 2014, issued December 27, 2016.

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A system includes a sensor configured to sense relative movement between a surface and a user's skin; a haptic output device configured to generate a haptic effect at the surface; and a processor configured to receive an input signal from the sensor indicating the sensed movement between the surface and the skin of the user, determine whether a notification is to be sent to the user, and output an output signal, based on the notification, to the haptic output device to generate the haptic effect if it is determined that the notification is to be sent to the user.