Vincent Lévesque

Granted Patent

Method and Apparatus of Converting Control Tracks for Providing Haptic Feedback

Vincent Lévesque, Jamal Saboune, David Birnbaum

US Patent 9,401,079, filed August 29, 2014, issued July 26, 2016.

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Disclosed are systems and methods for converting a control track designed for use with a number and/or type of haptic output devices to be used with other numbers and/or types of haptic output devices. For example, a computing device may convert the control track into another control track that can be applied to other types and/or numbers of haptic output devices. The converted control track may be compatible for use with a smartphone or other system that includes a different number and/or type of haptic feedback devices than the system for which the haptic track was originally designed. In this manner, the user of the smartphone or other system may experience haptic feedback using a device that is different from another haptic feedback system for which the control track was originally designed for use. The conversion may occur locally at the smartphone or other system and/or remotely at another device.