Vincent Lévesque

Granted Patent

Method and Apparatus for Simulating Surface Features on a User Interface with Haptic Effects

Vincent Lévesque, Juan Manuel Cruz-Hernandez

US Patent 9,196,134, filed October 31, 2012, issued November 24, 2015.

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A haptic effect enabled device for simulating a tactile sensation on a surface. In some cases, the haptic effect enabled device may be a user interface device, and the tactile sensation may be simulated on a surface of the user interface device. The interface device may include a haptic output device configured to generate a haptic effect, such as a periodic haptic effect, at the surface. The interface device may include a drive module configured to generate a periodic drive signal based on a touch input at the surface of the interface device and based on the tactile sensation to be simulated at the surface. The interface device may include a drive circuit operatively coupled to the drive module and the haptic output device and configured to apply the periodic drive signal to the haptic output device. In some cases, the surface may be separate from the device.