Vincent Lévesque

Granted Patent

Haptic Feedback for Opportunistic Displays

Vincent Lévesque

US Patent 10,198,072, filed June 8, 2016, issued February 5, 2019.

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One illustrative system disclosed herein includes a computing device in communication with a sensor configured to detect a display device near the sensor, the computing device, or within a field of view of a user of the computing device. The sensor can also be configured to transmit a signal associated with the display device to a processor in communication with the sensor. The processor is configured to determine an availability of the display device to display or output content (e.g., texts, images, sounds, videos, etc.) and a location of the display device based on the signal. The processor is also configured to determine a haptic effect based on the availability and the location of the display device and transmit a haptic signal associated with the haptic effect. The illustrative system also includes a haptic output device configured to receive the haptic signal and output the haptic effect.