Vincent Lévesque

Granted Patent

Systems and Methods for Haptic Fiddling

Danny Grant, Vincent Lévesque, Amaya Weddle, David Birnbaum, Juan Manuel Cruz-Hermandez, Jamal Saboune

US Patent 10,037,081, filed August 27, 2013, issued July 31, 2018.

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Systems and methods for haptic fiddling are disclosed. In one embodiment, a sensor signal indicating an interaction with an electronic device is received by the electronic device. In response to receiving the sensor signal, the electronic device may output an output signal. The output signal may be output to a display, a haptic output device, an audio device, and/or another output device. The output signal can correspond to a modality. After outputting the output signal, another sensor signal indicating another interaction with the electronic device may be received by the electronic device. This interaction may be associated with the previously-received interaction. In response to receiving this interaction, the electronic device may output another output signal to the same output device(s) and/or different output device(s). The second output signal may correspond to one or more different modalities than the previous output signal.