Vincent Lévesque

Granted Patent

Systems And Methods For Providing Haptic Effects In Response To Deformation Of A Cover For An Electronic Device

Vincent Lévesque, Jamal Saboune, Juan Manuel Cruz-Hernandez, Abdelwahab Hamam, Vahid Khoshkava, Liwen Wu

US Patent 10,013,060, filed September 18, 2015, issued July 3, 2018.

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A system includes an electronic device that includes a display screen, a cover configured to cover the display screen, a sensor configured to sense an input gesture comprising deformation and/or movement of the cover relative to the electronic device, and a processor configured to determine an action for the electronic device to perform based on the input gesture, to determine a haptic effect to generate based on the input gesture and/or the action for the electronic device to perform, and to initiate the action. The system also includes a haptic output device configured to generate the haptic effect.