Vincent Lévesque


A Haptic Memory Game using the STRESS2 Tactile Display

Qi Wang, Vincent Lévesque, Jerome Pasquero, Vincent Hayward

Extended Abstracts of ACM CHI'06 Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems, Montreal, Canada, April 2006, pp. 271-274.

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A computer implementation of a classic memory card game was adapted to rely on touch rather than vision. Instead of memorizing pictures on cards, players explore tactile graphics on a computer-generated virtual surface. Tactile sensations are created by controlling dynamic, distributed lateral strain patterns on a fingerpad in contact with an electronic tactile display called STReSS2. The tactile graphics are explored by moving the device within the workspace of a 2D planar carrier. Three tactile rendering methods were developed and used to create distinct tactile memory cards. The haptic memory game showcases the capabilities of this novel tactile display technology.