Vincent Lévesque


Haptically Enabled Handheld Information Display with Distributed Tactile Transducer

Jerome Pasquero, Joseph Luk, Vincent Lévesque, Qi Wang, Vincent Hayward, Karon E. MacLean

IEEE Transactions on Multimedia, 9(4), pp 746-753, 2007.

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This paper describes the design, construction, and initial evaluation of a handheld information device that supports combined tactile and graphical interaction. The design comprises a liquid crystal graphic display co-located with a miniature, low-power, distributed tactile transducer. This transducer can create electronically-controlled lateral skin deformation patterns which give the sensation of sliding over small shapes. It is integrated within a slider mechanism to control scrolling. It also functions as a detent when pushing on it. Tactile feedback and the combination of visual and tactile feedback in a mobile context enable the development of new functions, such as multimodal navigation within large graphic spaces.