Vincent Lévesque


Creating Compelling User Experiences with Haptics

Vincent Lévesque

Invited Talk, TCH Early Career Award 2019, IEEE World Haptics Conference 2019, July 12, 2019

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A common thread in my research is an ambition to demonstrate that haptic feedback can be used to create rich, compelling user experiences. In this talk, I will discuss a range of research that explores how haptics can improve our interactions with the digital world and create user experiences that delight and engage. Some of this work explores how haptics can be leveraged in novel device form factors, such as curved or flexible smartphones. Other work explores how compelling, useful experiences can be created with emerging haptic technologies, such as surface haptics, tactile arrays, shape changing, and squeezing or stroking actuators. In all cases, the aim is to create compelling experiences that bring a smile to the user’s face.