Vincent Lévesque


Laterotactile Displays and Rendering: from Illusion to Application

Vincent Lévesque, Jerome Pasquero

Invited Talk, IEEE VR 2008 Tutorial, Integration of Haptics in Virtual Environments: from Perception to Rendering, March 9, 2008, Reno, Nevada.


This tutorial will discuss the process through which seemingly minor observations about haptic phenomenon have led to the design of simple yet powerful interfaces in the McGill Haptics Laboratory. The focus will be on a tactile display technology that relies on lateral skin deformation to produce a variety of tactile sensations, including some that are typically associated with normal indentation of the skin. This work, which was initially inspired by a simple tactile illusion produced by running a pen along the teeth of a comb, has resulted in the design of a family of practical laterotactile displays and the development of tactile rendering algorithms. Applications of this technology for mobile interaction and for the display of refreshable Braille and tactile graphics for visually impaired persons will also be covered.