Vincent Lévesque


Designing Interactions for Novel Haptic Technologies

Vincent Lévesque

Invited Talk, Haptic Interaction Design Workshop, Haptics Symposium 2012, Vancouver, Canada, March 2012.


The haptics community is a great source of innovation, with novel means of stimulating the human sense of touch being constantly devised. Developing compelling applications for these innovative technologies, however, can be a significant challenge due to the initial lack of understanding of relevant human factors and the dedication required to design high-performance hardware. A common approach is to first optimize a device’s hardware design, and then methodically build up knowledge of its psychophysics prior to investigating applications. In this talk, I will propose alternative approaches that skip ahead to the exploration of a haptic technology’s interaction design space and to the evaluation of its benefits for the user experience in concrete applications. Drawing from my experience with laterotactile displays and programmable friction touchscreens, I will illustrate how rapid prototyping and user centered design can demonstrate the value of novel haptic feedback early on, justifying and guiding further investments in hardware refinements and human factor studies.