Vincent Lévesque

Granted Patent

Systems and Methods for Haptically-Enabled Curved Devices

Vincent Lévesque, Danny Grant, Ali Modarres, Jamal Saboune

US Patent 9,921,650, filed March 19, 2015, issued March 20, 2018.

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One illustrative system disclosed herein includes a curved device that includes a curved outer housing, The illustrative system also includes a sensor configured to detect a user interaction with the curved device and transmit a sensor signal associated with the user interaction. The illustrative system additionally includes a processor in communication with the sensor, the processor configured to: receive the sensor signal from the sensor; determine a user interaction based on the sensor signal, determine a first haptic effect based at least in part on the user interaction, and transmit a haptic signal associated with the first haptic effect. The illustrative system also includes a haptic output device configured to receive the haptic signal and output the first haptic effect.