Vincent Lévesque

Granted Patent

Haptic Feedback for Interactions with Foldable-Bendable Displays

Ali Modarres, Vincent Lévesque, Danny Grant, Juan Manuel Cruz-Hernandez

US Patent 9,524,030, filed March 21, 2014, issued December 20, 2016.

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A flexible device includes a bendable-foldable display that has bendable flaps connected by a hinge. The display has sensors for detecting a folding characteristic between the at least two flaps and for detecting a bending characteristic in at least one flap. The display has a haptic system with haptic output devices, where the haptic system receives input from the sensors indicating deformation of the bendable-foldable display device. A flexible device also includes bendable, foldable, or rollable displays that have sensors and actuators to augment user interaction with the device. Based on one or more measurements provided by the input, the haptic system interprets the input to determine deformation characteristics of the bendable-foldable display device. The haptic system generates haptic feedback based on the deformation characteristics.