Vincent Lévesque

Granted Patent

Simulation of Tangible User Interface Interactions and Gestures Using Array of Haptic Cells

Ali Modarres, Juan Manuel Cruz-Hernandez, Danny Grant, Vincent Lévesque

US Patent 9,405,369, filed April 25, 2014, issued August 2, 2016.

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A user interface device includes a flexible layer comprising a touch surface configured to receive a touch by a user, a plurality of haptic cells covered by the flexible layer, each haptic cell comprising a haptic output device, a sensor configured to sense an amount and/or rate of deformation of the flexible layer when a user touches the touch surface, and a processor configured to receive an output signal from the sensor, generate a haptic control signal based on the output signal from the sensor, and output the haptic control signal to at least one haptic output device of the plurality of haptic cells to cause the haptic output device to deform an associated haptic cell in response to the sensed deformation of the flexible layer.