Vincent Lévesque

Pending Patent

Systems and Methods for Providing Electrostatic Haptic Effects via a Wearable or Handheld Device

Vincent Lévesque, Jamal Saboune, Juan Manuel Cruz-Hernandez

US Patent Application 15/290,069, filed October 11, 2016, pending.

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One illustrative system disclosed herein includes a computing device with an electrostatic force (“ESF”) haptic output device coupled to a surface of the computing device. The ESF haptic output device comprises a signal electrode that includes an insulation layer and a conductive layer positioned proximate to the insulation layer and the conductive layer is electrically coupled to a voltage supply to receive an amount of voltage for generating an ESF haptic effect, which can include a dynamic ESF haptic effect or a static ESF haptic effect. The ESF haptic output device can output the ESF haptic effect to the surface of the computing device to which the ESF haptic output device is coupled.