Vincent Lévesque

Pending Patent

Systems and Methods for Providing Haptic Feedback for Remote Interactions

Vincent Lévesque, Ali Modarres, Danny Grant, Jean Francois Dionne, David Birnbaum

US Patent Application 14/275,216, filed May 12, 2014, pending.

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A system includes a first electronic device and a second electronic device. The first electronic device includes a sensor configured to sense or property experienced by the first electronic device, and a transmitter configured to transmit a signal based on output from the sensor. The second electronic device is in signal communication with the first electronic device. The second electronic device includes a receiver configured to receive the transmitted signal, a detector configured to determine an object that a user of the second device is focusing on, a processor configured to generate a haptic signal representative of the transmitted signal if it is determined that the object the user is focusing on corresponds with a location of the first electronic device, and a haptic output device configured to receive the haptic signal and generate a haptic effect to the user.