Vincent Lévesque

Pending Patent

Systems and Methods For Providing Mode or State Awareness With Programmable Surface Texture

Vincent Lévesque, David Birnbaum, Juan Manuel Cruz-Hernandez, Amaya Weddle

US Patent Application 13/830,125, filed March 14, 2013, pending.

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Systems and methods of mode or state awareness with programmable surface texture are disclosed. For example, in one embodiment, a system of the present disclosure may include a sensor configured to detect an interaction with a touch surface and transmit a sensor signal associated with the interaction; a processor in communication with the sensor, the processor configured to: determine a mode of operation; control at least one feature of a system based on the mode of operation and the interaction; determine a simulated texture associated with the mode of operation; output a haptic signal associated with the simulated texture; and a haptic output device in communication with the processor and coupled to the touch surface, the haptic output device configured to receive the haptic signal and simulate the texture on the touch surface based in part on the haptic signal.