Vincent Lévesque

Pending Patent

Method and Apparatus for Providing Haptic Cues for Guidance and Alignment with Electrostatic Friction

Vincent Lévesque, Juan Manuel Cruz-Hernandez

US Patent Application 13/782,771, filed March 1, 2013, pending.

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A haptic effect enabled device for producing a haptic effect. In some cases, the haptic effect may represent a component of a spatial pattern represented on a surface of the haptic effect enabled device. In some cases, the haptic effect enabled device may comprise a haptic output device, a drive module, and a drive circuit. The drive module may receive information indicative of a location of a touch input at the surface and determine whether the touch input's location corresponds with a location of one of multiple components of the spatial pattern. The drive module may generate a drive signal that the drive circuit then applies to the haptic output device to generate the haptic effect.