Vincent Lévesque

Granted Patent

Wearable Article Having An Actuator That Performs Non-Haptic And Haptic Operations

Vincent Levesque, Vahid Khoshkava

US Patent 10,102,722, filed December 18, 2015, issued October 16, 2018.

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A wearable haptics-enabled apparatus comprises a wearable article comprising an actuator and an input device. A controller is electrically connected to the actuator and the input device. The controller is configured to selectively transmit operation and haptic drive signals to the actuator, and to generate the haptic drive signal upon receiving an input signal from the input device. The haptic drive signal embodies a message. A method of delivering haptic feedback through a wearable article comprises: selectively generating a non-haptic drive signal and applying the non-haptic drive signal to an actuator; and selectively generating a haptic drive signal and applying the haptic drive signal to the actuator.