Vincent Lévesque

Granted Patent

Systems and Methods for Force-Based Object Manipulation and Haptic Sensations

Vincent Lévesque, Juan Manuel Cruz-Hernandez, Danny Grant, Jamal Saboune, Liwen Wu, Kurt Eerik Stahlberg, Abdelwahab Hamam

US Patent 10,031,583, filed March 19, 2015, issued July 24, 2018.

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Systems and methods for force-based object manipulation and haptic sensations are disclosed. One disclosed method includes the steps of receiving a first signal indicating a location of a user interaction and receiving a second signal indicating a first force. The method also includes, if the location of the user interaction corresponds to an object displayed on a display screen: outputting a first haptic signal to a haptic output device to cause a first haptic effect; and outputting a second haptic signal to the haptic output device to cause a second haptic effect if the first force meets or exceeds a first force threshold.